Our Service

Patrol Guarding

We can arrange for mobile patrol units to visit your property or business premises at specified times whilst unattended at nights, weekends or during holiday periods.


We utilize the skills and abilities of ex-police officers, who have proven track records and use a variety of equipment to blend into any working situation to achieve their objectives.


CCTV Surveillance and Alarm Systems Installation

We Install CCTV cameras for both Residents, Warehouse, office, Supermarkets, Schools and Hospital with 24hrs monitoring and remote view on your smartphone and tables

Manned Guarding

We offers Manned Guarding service to clients across the regions of the nation

Security Tips : Protecting Your Home

In many cases of home burglaries, thieves enter the house through a door or window that was left unlocked.
Following are some tips on how to protect your home and your family from burglars. 

  1. Lock all doors and windows, including your garage door, when you leave the house and while sleeping.
  2. Replace burned out light bulbs quickly. Thieves like homes with inadequate lighting. 
  3. Keep trees and shrubs around doorways, windows and porches trimmed. The bushes that provide privacy also give burglars a place to hide. Dense shrubs can even make for a makeshift ladder, helping a thief into your home through a window.
  4. Consider installing an alarm system.
  5. While you are away ask your neighbors to call the police if they notice any suspicious activity. Leave a phone number where you can be reached in case of an emergency. 



All City Strike Force Security Services is a Ghanaian licensed professional private security organization.

We provide complete and comprehensive security solutions to a vast array of Companies, Government Institutions, and the General Public as a whole.  


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